Importance of Supply Chain Management

supply chain management

Table of content What is supply chain management? How does supply chain management work? Benefits of supply chain management Key features of effective supply chain management Effective supply chain management leads to strategic success. Conclusion What is supply chain management? Supply chain management is the control of a product’s whole lifecycle, from acquiring raw materials […]

The Consumer Protection Act 1986

consumer act

Table of content Consumer Protection Act 1986  Rights  Responsibility Authorities under the Act Persons entitled to approach the Commission under the Act Benefits for Consumers under the Act  Every person buys goods and services, and in order to prevent being in profit, they demand a fair deal. The Act (Consumer Protection Act 1986) was enacted […]

All about consumer rights and responsibilities

consumer rights

Table of Content Take responsibility and be aware of your rights. Basics of Consumer Awareness Consumer awareness: What is it? What Rights do Consumers have? What are Consumer responsibilities? Importance of Consumer Rights and Consumer Responsibilities An Introduction Since consumers are allegedly the kings of the market, the previous strategy of Caveat Emptor (Let the […]